_knotting the memory//Encoding the khipu_

Audiovisual Performance

A Khipu is a device that was used in the ancient Inca Empire for the processing and transmission of statistical and narrative information. Linked to textile art, it is a tangible interface encrypted in knots and cords of cotton and wool. This system was widely used throughout the Andean region, until the Spanish colonization that prohibited and destroyed much of the existing Khipus.

This performance wants to pay homage to the Khipu, reusing it as an instrument for interaction and generation of experimental live sound and video. The artist will be a contemporary *khipukamayuq* (Khipu knotter) who seeks to encode the interrupted legacy of this ancestral practice through the knots. With each knot made, an audiovisual composition is constructed that yearns to vindicate the memory and indigenous resistance of the native peoples of the Andes.

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