Interface Culture Musikkapelle 2019


Estaré presentado por primera vez el proyecto en proceso con el khipu como interfaz sonora en la perfomance "29" en el 9 Interface Culture Musikkapelle que este año tendrá lugar en el club Unten en Linz. 

29 (experimental piece at 29 knots 
The khipu was an information processing device used by the Incas and previous Andean societies. The word comes from the Quechua [khipu] and means knot. Khipus were used until the Spanish colonization as they were destroyed by the colonists. On January 29, 2019 the sounds of the kipu will tie the roots of the past with the present, resisting the 29th Zamay Quilla (January) of the khipu kamayuq (the khipu knotter).

La performance es parte de la clausura de la asignatura "playfull interfaces" del Máster Interface Cultures.

Credits: Fabricio Lamoncha

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