_Excepción Normalizada

_Normalized exception

Digital Photography printed in large format


The high concrete walls crowned by wire and separated by the blue gate of Dr. Waksman Avenue are the only identification signs of the foreigners detention center (CIE) Zapadores in Valencia, one of the eight that are distributed in all spanish state; The neighbors who walk these streets every day are unnoticed of one the places where the state of emergency is governed in apparent normality, only in the echoes of the internal people through their testimonies and complaints of unheard abuses can be known what actually happens, the lack of access, the gestures of suspicion and the denial of all information by the authorities, builds the certainty of the existence of direct, and institucional violence hidden in these place.

The detention centers for foreigners (CIE) were established in the Spanish immigration law in these places they are detained migrants who lack documentation that certifies a legal administrative situation in the Spanish state, this is not a criminal offense, but is punished as if it were under figures legally concealed as the denominated like a public establishment of non-penitentiary character that nevertheless, this under even more precarious conditions and with less rights and liberties of which they are had in a standarized prison.

The fear generated by these places in which many of the fundamental rights are ignored does not go beyond the desire of the people in them to have a more dignified life when displaced by the structural violence, finding here other kind of racism and violence, silenced, legal and covered by the law: the structural and institucional.

Exhibited at :

Espacio de excepción, (Group Art exhibition)

  • Fundació Caixa Vinaròs. Vinaròs (Spain) 2015.
  • La Rambleta, Valencia (Spain). 2015