Tangram Blues (Prototype I)

Tangible musical interface prototype

This exercise is an experiment to learn more about reacTIVision and Pure Data. I developed a new take to a past project -the Blues Generator (https://vimeo.com/129561013), mixing it with the traditional Chinese game called “Tangram”. The Tangram has seven pieces and it is a puzzle which you have to use all seven of them to complete one of the given forms. Mixing these two concepts I integrated in each piece of the puzzle different notes on the blues scale in La note with it´s three main chords. Doing this the piece generates more harmonic patterns.

Each chord and each note composed by a midi signal which is sent to an instrument in Ableton Live which generates a random melody by moving the pieces of the puzzle which is being solved. The sound is triggered by placing the piece of the puzzle on the board and by moving and turning the piece vertically or horizontally. Each piece has a Fiducial attached to it which communicates ReacTIVision with Pure Data to generate the sound.

Tangram Blues Prototype I

Download the code here