2023 - 2023 Work Reviewed in ISEA2022 Barcelona Catalogue p. 208-209.

2022- Master Thesis Knotting the memory//Encoding the Khipu_: Reuse of ancestral Andean technologies as new experimental sound interfaces in the framework of the decoloniality, art, and science relationship. M.A  Interface Cultures - Kunstuniversität Linz
This thesis presents the results of a theoretical-practical research that focuses on the vindication of the memory contained in ancestral Andean technological interfaces made invisible by colonization and their relationship with art and science. From a decolonial perspective, I have reused two of these devices in new artistic processes related to experimental sound, New interfaces for Musical Expression (NIMEs), and multimedia performance. For this purpose, I have analyzed the relationship between art, science, and technology from the decolonial aesthetics and reviewed current references and proposals that use pre-colonial technologies applied to their artistic works in the field of sound.
In the practical section, two tangible sound interfaces for live performance have emerged: The Electronic_Khipu_ an instrument for interaction and experimental sound generation by weaving knots with conductive rubber cords encoding sound compositions based on an Andean Khipu, an ancient textile computer used for the processing and transmission of information encrypted in knots and cords of cotton and wool. And The Kanchay_Yupana// an open-source step sequencer for the generation of rhythms, inspired by the Andean Yupana: a tangible board similar to an abacus with a system of carved geometric boxes to perform arithmetic calculations. In an exercise of decolonial speculation, I aim to imagine how could be computer music and live coding created by the first textile computers and ancient technologies from the Andes.

2022 - Paper presented at NIME The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2022 “Kanchay_Yupana//: Tangible rhythm sequencer inspired by ancestral Andean technologies”, in Proceedings of NIME, The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

2022- Book Section: Nudos que suenan: khipus contemporáneos, código sonoro y memoria ancestral in Villegas, D. et al (Ed.), Descolonialidades ↔ Ñawray. Arte y tecnosfera #3 . Brumaria. p. 245-267 ISBN 978-84-123011-9-9

2021- Article: Electronic_Khipu_: Thinking in Experimental Sound from an Ancestral Andean Interface"  in Volume 44, Issue 2-3 Summer/Fall 2020 of the MIT Press Computer Music Journal. p.39-54

2021- Article:  "Nudos que suenan: khipus contemporáneos, código sonoro y memoria ancestral"  in ¬ ACCESOS, artistic research Journal, special Issue 1 art, technology and coloniality p. 44-57

2021- Presentation: Knotting the Memory//Encoding the Khipu_: Artistic Approaches from Sound at the Research Networking Day (RND) of the CTM - Festival for Adventurous Music and Art, Berlin.

2020 - Presentation: Anudando la memoria//Codificando el Khipu_: Aproximaciones artísticas desde el sonido at he third Symposium on Creativity, Sound and Technology at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh). 
2020 - Paper presented at NIME The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2020 “Knotting the memory//Encoding the Khipu_: Reuse of an ancient Andean device as a NIME”, in Proceedings of NIME, Birmingham, United Kingdom. p. 495–498. 

2019- Work Reviewed in BESTOFF exhibition catalogue. p. 65 

2019- Work Reviewed in Ars Electronica Festival 2019 Out of the box exhibition catalogue. p. 263 ISBN 978-3-7757-4576-5

2018- Presentation - Situándose en el origen – Resignificando el 12 de octubre desde la práctica artística at “Narrativas del sur” a seminar organized by Alianza por la solidaridad - Universitat de Valencia. 
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2017- Master Thesis #12OCT. Representation of colonial unconscious of social networks in an electronic art proposal. M.A in Visual arts & Multimedia (AVM) Universitat Politècnica de València.
This research work, reflects about certain aspects of the past and present of the colonial panorama in Hispanic-America and the Spanish state through a critical approach of the different meanings that have been given to the paradigmatic date of October 12, 1492; held today, - as a result of this controversy - with different names and different ways in colonized countries and the Spanish territory. 
The developed practical project, consists in an interactive installation (cataloged in a guidance way as "Day Specific") that makes use of simple and open devices to the public, using social networks like a collective thinking sensor on both sides of the Atlantic. It utilizes the visualization of data provided by Twitter and the traditional cartographic representation of the surface of the earth, world map that includes part of America, Europe and Africa; inside it three ships are moving in a container with water, they are of proportional size symbolizing the caravels led by Christopher Columbus, the movement is due by the water flow that changes according to the reading of the data in real time generated by the search of specific hashtags related to the different links that come from The #12OCT tag on the social network. 
In this way, the collective thinking is reflected in the use of hashtags on the web, the movement of the ships due to the water flows allows to observe the cultural depth of the approximation of this date on both continents.
Influenced by decolonial thinking, this representation, confronts and make faces to different perspectives on one same event, taking as reference Post-Internet artistic practices that use the information flow of social networks as a medium of social communication for creation, electronic art and different manifestations linked to points that converge in the theoretical reflection.

2017 #12OCT Representación del inconsciente colonial en una instalación multimedia at the 1st International Conference on Art and Identity Politics: Visualities, Migratory Narratives, Trans-Nationality and Gender in Contemporary Art CIAPI 2017 - Poster and Proceedings - Universidad de Murcia. pp. 130-131 ISBN:978-84-697-3527-5  

2016 Work Reviewed in Ars Electronica Festival 2016 Radical Atoms and the alchemists of our time exhibition catalogue. p. 272 ISBN 978-3-7757-4193-4
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2015 Work included in PAM!15 exhibition catalogue. pp. 58-59 ISBN: 978-84-945291-5-3

2014 Work included in Mi.Mo Magazine 2014 – Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha- Online ISSN:1887-5033 
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2014 Undergraduate Dissertation Listening the invisible B.A Fine Arts Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
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2013 Work Reviewed in Lerchenfeld Magazine #19 Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. p.8 ISBN 978-3-938158-92-0
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