Pamela Z Award: Honorary Mention


In addition to having very favorable and encouraging feedback from the community during the last NIME 2020 conference, my work “Knotting the memory//Encoding the Khipu_: Reuse of an ancient Andean device as a NIME" has been recognized with the honorary mention of the Pamela Z Innovation Award of NIME 2020

 screenshot from http://wonomute.no

I am very honored to receive this recognition that was also obtained in 2019 by the artist, Ximena Alarcon, for her inspiring work "INTIMAL: Walking to Find Place, Breathing to Feel Presence".

Pamela Z award for Innovation in the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) was created in 2018 and recognizes researchers promoting and addressing diversity within the NIME community.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped develop this project since its very beginning and especially Nomi Sasaki, Hess Jeon, Luis Urquieta, Amir Bastan, Enrique Tomas, the Interface Culture Lab, and the constant and important support of my family. 

I received a Trill touch sensor set, gently provided by Bella

Thanks to the Pamela Z 2020 Award jury: 
Sally Jane Norman, Franziska Schroeder, Anna Weisling, Karolina Jawad, and Anna Xambó  

for their recognition and to see in this project the cultural and decolonial character beyond its technical development. khipus are living culture and anti-colonial devices.