05 Nov 2022

Magical Hackerism - Invocations


I will be coding my Electronic_Khipu at the wonderful SAVVY Contemporary space in Berlin as a sound invocation to close the exhibition Magical Hackerism or the elasticity of resilience. 

We cordially invite you to the closing frequency of the project MAGICAL HACKERISM which set its tunes in an INVOCATIONS programme extending the hacking of realities through imaginiation and word, sound and rhythm, body and technology. 

Magical Hackerism refers to this essential hacking of reality and the rendering of a multiplicity of worlds. 


AT  SAVVY Contemporary  Reinickendorfer Straße 17  13347 Berlin 
WITH Don Alirio   Ana Beatriz Almeida     Karounwi Anuoluwapo   C-Dríck  Patricia Cadavid  Alvin Collantes & Jun Suzuki  COSMOAUDICIONES (Miguel Buenrostro with Robby Geerken, Tom Kessler, Fabiano Luna, Laura Robles & Brandon Labelle)   Czyka Virus (KWAGO)  Merv Espina  Neema Githere  Hexorcismos  IosOtres  Simone Lagrand  Mobilegirl  Regina LoMío  NowhereKitchen++